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Aircraft Charter Fleet

Delivering Unprecedented and Unmatched

Cash-Flow Performance to Private Jet Ownership  

A revenue model that is proven, predictable, and beneficial to the owner begins with the delivery of only low-time, mid-sized executive aircraft, from highly reputable sources, to meet your needs and preferences. Mach One Air Charter conducts all search-related and investigative services as it negotiates each aircraft purchase, and stands behind its endorsements.  

Each aircraft is rigorously maintained throughout its engagement.  All maintenance is seamless, and administered by Mach One Air Charter.  Overhead expenses are scrutinized continually and evaluated for negative trends and unforeseen developments.


All this scrutiny and selectiveness results in both dependable aircraft and predictable service lives, with the average aircraft delivering a break-even point of 30 hours per month.  With Mach One Air Charter’s faithful delivery of a minimum of 50 hours of utilization per month, you can see why owner satisfaction is unrivaled.  

Personal savings include: